With Love a letter from the creator

Tiny Furniture is a very simple application made to answer just one question: this idea that I have for this room, will it work?

To do that it allows you to draw a room and place furniture symbols that you can rearrange and resize to see what will fit.

I've made a guide inside the application that will show you—on screen—the basics of how to use the application. But if you have any question, concerns or just want to say hi please contact me.

Tiny Furniture is my first iOS application and it was made with love.

I hope you'll find it useful

— Joaquin Windmüller

Latest Changes

1.1.3 - scaling: now you can change the scale to draw larger rooms.

  • Scaling can be controlled via pinch gesture or by tapping on the scale indicator at the bottom.
    • Units can be changed by tapping the scale indicator and then on the settings icon.
  • Fixing problem that made the app hang, please report if this still happens.
  • Dimensions in feet+inches are handled better now.
  • Fixed cases where columns would be moved when reloading a floor plan.

1.1.2 - Fixing multiple drawing and data issues specially when reloading a floor plan: crooked walls, moving objects, incorrect sizes and forgotten locations.

  • Writing more than 12" will add them to the feet measurement.

Quick Guide


Draw the Room
Start by drawing the walls of the room by tapping to add columns.

  • Resize walls by movig the columns arround
  • Manually set the length of a wall by tapping on them
  • Double tapping a wall will add a column at that point
  • Double tapping a column will delete it

Add Furniture
Tap anywhere in the floor plan to show the available symbols.

  • Move the symbols around to try different layouts
  • Pinch and rotate to arrange them in different angles and sizes
  • Tap on a symbol's dimension to manually change it
  • Double tap to delete symbols

Rinse & Repeat
That is all, keep adding more symbols until the room looks like you want.

  • More symbols are coming
  • If you still have questions or feature requests get in touch

Support & feedback

You can send your comments: